By Guy Barwood

Welcome to XDCAMEXInfo.  At the moment a pretty bland site with some pretty interesting stuff on it for XDCAM EX shooters.  I hope this site helps you in some way and over time I hope it will mature into something a little prettier!

I  don't pretend to present these articles as master works of the English language.  I am sure you will find many spelling and grammatical errors in them.  The are in a way, my version of a tech blog on a specific subject.  If the spell checker doesn't flag it I probably won't correct it ;-)  I'm an Electrical Engineer who has migrated his career from Engineering, into IT, and finally landed many years ago in Video Production, more recently I have also begun to establish my photographic career (which has been a move I wanted to make well before I started Video Production).  I'm most certainly not a high school English teacher...  I am also not a fancy web designer so these pages are pretty simple and old school in their layout.  I prefer to concentrate on content with my limited time resources.

These articles are often put together quickly and are about as scientific in their analysis and results as Mythbusters.  Still, I believe the information they serve as valuable to many.  If I had more resources (money and equipment) I could do a lot more...

I do not write these articles for payment, and at least at the moment there are currently no adds on these pages.  All images are my own and all products are either mine or ones used in a shop showroom (i.e. the Z7 was in the VideoCraft showroom).  I'd love to receive equipment for review but I am not in a position to purchase equipment for review.

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